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Males au Naturel
Find other male nudist clubs, including 4 other clubs in the Tri-State Area:
To use, select "State/Province" for the 1st box. Then choose NY, NJ, CT, etc for the 3rd box.

and find upcoming events all over the world:

Fire Island Beaches:
The beach between Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove used to be the place for nude sunbathing until the rangers decided to stop it  around 2015. Fortunately, it has become more acceptable on the beaches within the Pines and the Grove.
Nudity is no longer allowed at:
  • Smith Point on the eastern end of Fire Island near Shirley, NY.
  • Robert Moses beach. 
New Jersey
Sandy Hook's Gunnison Beach. How to get there from Manhattan: Ferry Service

Some spas have clothing optional or mandatory nude areas for men. See www.nyspacastle.com and www.russianturkishbaths.com. Also, Star Spa, 500 10th St., Fort Lee, NJ, (201) 461-5500.

Local Special Interests
Men's Naked Drawing Group NY, exclusively for male visual artists.

Men's Nude Yoga and Tantra with Edd

Nude York Yoga

Ollom Movement Art, featuring individual and group nude dance exercise and weekend workshops.www.johnollom.com ollomdance@aol.com or 212-592-0103

NuDance, coed nude dance classes taught by damoN (spelled correctly!).

The West Coast Gathering

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