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Males au Naturel

All Hands on D*ck Workshop

  • 23 Apr 2017
  • 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • 51 W. 14th Street, Suite 3F, New York, NY 10011
  • 8


  • MEMBER $25 ($35 for any non-member guests)
  • For those who are not paid members of Males au Naturel for 2016.

Registration is closed

Aaron Rodriguez invites up to 20 MAN members and friends to this Daddy Retreat workshop.

Aaron is co-owner of the 3F Studios and has over 10 years' experience as a massage therapist, Tantric healer and Dom.

All Hands is a sensual and erotic multi-handed massage experience in which participants take turns being touched by several others.

All forms of "swabbing the d*ck" will be shown during the first two hours. The last half hour is unstructured.

For this session, MAN members will pay the same $25 class fee as Daddy Retreat Gold members. Otherwise, the fee is $35.

What to expect at the class:

We will do random round robin so that you get to touch as many bodies as possible, and be touched by many. If you just want to touch that can be arranged as well.

What to bring?

You can bring a towel, and shorts that you can wear when you need to use the restroom or walk in the waiting area.

In keeping with the theme, bringing a sailor hat is encouraged!

Please try to register as early as you can. After a certain point, Daddy Retreat Members will be invited to fill in the remaining spots.

Daddy Retreat Policies and Guidelines

This workshop will be conducted by Daddy Retreat, not Males au Naturel, and is, therefore, subject to the following Daddy Retreat Policies and Guidelines.

As with all classes/workshops, we strive to create a comforting space for all to learn and connect in a safe manner. We ask that you listen to your teacher's instructions at all times. Please be respectful of others as these are consensual touch-based classes. Arrive freshly showered if you can; you can also use the shower at the studio. If you do not adhere to these policies and that of the instructor you can be asked to leave and possibly be banned from future events.

For all workshops/classes as well as movement based classes, fitness etc you acknowledge the possible risk of injury and do not hold 3F Studios LLC liable in the event it may occur. We will do our best to instruct in a safe manner at all times.

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